Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First post from New Delhi!

Welcome to the India abroad blog! We are in our fourth day of the trip and on our way to Delhi University to listen to a lecture on the Kashmir conflict. This post is going to give you a review of our first day here.Our first day was long and eventful. We arrived in Delhi at 3 in the morning after 20+ hours of traveling and had a quick 2 hour nap. After a traditional breakfast at our hotel (which is located in the diplomatic district of New Delhi) we relaxed and had another nap! After a lunch of curry, rice and masala chai we left for the Gandhi memorial (see pictures) and museum. Back at the hotel we dove right into our first lecture which was focused on the Indian effort to objectify their school textbooks. I was amazed I stayed awake for the whole thing (not because of the content or speaker but because I was going on 3 hours of sleep). After the lecture we had dinner and promptly went to bed.

Now for some things that you will enjoy about India:
Monkeys, cows on the road, curry, tea, shopping, millions of people, racecar taxis, acrobatic children performing for money on the street. More later.
Nathan Brubaker

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  1. The monkeys and the cows will definitely make another insightful and entertaining blogpost!